Under the auspices of the President of Al-Nahrain University
Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhum Abdul-Sahib
The College of Law held a seminar titled
the role of university professors against psychological warfare and .psychological  terror
 It aimed to clarify the role of the university professor to address psychological warfare, through the establishing programs, plans and the definition of the extent of their gravity and serious repercussions for the impacts on the social life. undermining the confidence and increased  frustration to achieve the goals and objectives of the aggressive psychological warfare

 The seminar stressed on activating the role of university media. And to establish a role for the educated class in response to negative rumours, through the consolidation of the values and principles and make sincere and creative efforts in science, culture, art and literature to improve  and 
promote awareness of morals

Last update was on 28 April 2016